Don’t Sleep on Los Angeles Angels’ Josh Hamilton Next Year

Josh Hamilton

Yeah, I know, Josh Hamilton has been a huge disappointment for the Los Angeles Angels. He’s ‘Exhibit A’ for why you shouldn’t give massive contracts to streaky players, he’s a space cadet in the outfield, etc. Believe me, as someone who’s watched nearly every […]

5 Reasons Why Detroit Tigers Will Win the 2013 World Series

Detroit Tigers

MLB Playoffs 2013: Los Angeles Angels Can Still Play Spoiler

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  The American League playoff race is shaping up to be a tight one. Six teams are within 3.5 games of a Wild Card spot, and the Los Angeles Angels (72-77) will get to play one of those teams as well as […]

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera Slumps, Mike Trout Surges Towards Finish Line

Mike Trout

The American League MVP race may have been a foregone conclusion for some time now, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get interesting down the stretch. Sure enough, strong front runner Miguel Cabrera has stumbled in the month of September, while Los […]

Los Angeles Angels Rumors: Is GM Jerry Dipoto Gone After 2013?

Jerry Dipoto

Manning the front office of a big-market, MLB franchise such as the Los Angeles Angels must make a GM feel like a kid at the candy store: money is no object, everything looks good, and you want to take everything you can get your hands […]

Los Angeles Angels’ Kole Calhoun Is Trying to Take RF Josh Hamilton’s Job

Kole Calhoun Josh Hamilton

When the Los Angeles Angels signed Josh Hamilton to a five-year, $125 million contract this past winter, I bet they didn’t think they’d call up another right fielder who could out-produce Hamilton and steal most of his playing time in right field. Additionally, I’m […]

Los Angeles Angels Must Have Faith in Mark Trumbo in 2014

Mark Trumbo

Los Angeles Angels fans have watched first baseman Mark Trumbo with resigned frustration for much of 2013 as he has taken wild swings at pitches way out of the strike zone, an approach that has earned him a staggering 163 strikeouts and […]

Los Angeles Angels: Will the Real Josh Hamilton Please Stand Up?

Josh Hamilton

Who is Josh Hamilton, really? The Los Angeles Angels would sure like to know, considering they’ve made a $125 million bet that he’s really the guy who hit .285 with 43 home runs and 128 RBIs last year. Hamilton was consistently disappointing for […]

Los Angeles Angels’ OF Kole Calhoun Deserves a Roster Spot in 2014

Kole Calhoun

Watching the 2013  ‘outfield has been an adventure, to say the least. It started with manager (at least for the moment) Mike Scioscia‘s decision before the season to move prized franchise possession Mike Trout to left field and Peter Bourjos to center, a move that was […]

Los Angeles Angels Shortstop Erick Aybar Should Not Be Traded

Erick Aybar

Los Angeles Angels shortstop Erick Aybar finally broke out of his 6-46 slump on Monday night, when he blasted a home run and batted in four runs to give the Halos a blowout 11-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, thereby notching their ninth […]

Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout Makes MVP Voters’ Decision More Difficult

Mike Trout

Let’s be clear: the 2013 American League MVP is Miguel Cabrera. He is having a significantly better season than he had in 2012, a year in which he became the first player in 45 years to take home the coveted triple […]

Los Angeles Angels Should Bench 2B Howie Kendrick for as Long as Possible

Howie Kendrick

  Outside of Mike Trout, Howie Kendrick  was the Los Angeles Angels‘ only reliable offensive player all season. His .301 average was second only to Trout, giving the middle of the Halo order a fearsome bat to compensate for the struggles of Albert […]