A.J. Burnett Proving His Worth So Far for Philadelphia Phillies

A.J. Burnett Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies fans have grown accustomed to upper management shelling out loads of money for players who are up there in age. When the team signed veteran right-handed pitcher A.J. Burnett this past offseason, many supporters scratched their heads as […]

Positve Signs Exist for Philadelphia Phillies After Successful Road Trip

A.J. Burnett Philadelphia Phillies

For the Philadelphia Phillies, the recent ten-game west coast road trip was going to be anything but easy. The team had stumbled out of the gate to begin the 2014 season, and a tough road trip didn’t appear as though […]

Roberto Hernandez Should Be Replaced in Philadelphia Phillies’ Rotation

Roberto Hernandez Philadelphia Phillies

After his first five starts in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform, it’s pretty clear that starting pitcher Roberto Hernandez isn’t the same pitcher he once was. Not in name, and certainly not when it comes to what he’ll give you on the […]

Struggles to Push Runners Across Continue for Philadelphia Phillies

Ben Revere Philadelphia Phillies

One of the more noticeable problems for the Philadelphia Phillies over the past few seasons has been capitalizing with runners in scoring position. It happened again on Thursday night, even during the team’s 7-3 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. […]

Stock Up, Down For Philadelphia Phillies’ Top 5 Prospects

Jesse Biddle Philadelphia Phillies

Carlos Ruiz Needs to Hit From Middle of Philadelphia Phillies’ Lineup

Carlos Ruiz Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies‘ lineup is unbalanced in 2014, with a bevy of left-handed hitters scattered throughout the order. With very few options as the team’s go-to right-handed bat, the Phillies need catcher Carlos Ruiz to assume that role in order […]

Philadelphia Phillies Can’t Escape Close Games Even In Wins

Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies

Not only are the Philadelphia Phillies losing too many close games, but the team is also winning game by the slimmest of margins more often than many would like. The latest chapter in the Phillies’ struggles to pull away from […]

5 Changes Ryne Sandberg Should Make To Philadelphia Phillies’ Lineup

Ryne Sandberg

5 Philadelphia Phillies Players Who Have Had Surprising Starts In 2014

Philadelphia Phillies Players

Pitchers’ Outings Spoiled By Philadelphia Phillies’ Poor Offense

Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies

It’s become a sad reality for the Philadelphia Phillies over the last few seasons. More often than desired, a starting pitcher’s solid outing has been spoiled by an offense that went cold. The two latest victims of this unfortunate trend […]

5 Philadelphia Phillies Prospects Who Could Be Called Up in 2014

Philadelphia Phillies Prospects

Upcoming Series Could Set Tone For Philadelphia Phillies’ Road Trip

Jonathan Papelbon Philadelphia Phillies

For the Philadelphia Phillies, the next four games could very well set the tone for the next few weeks. Whether that tone happens to be positive or negative remains to be seen. On Monday, the Phillies will begin a four-game […]