Jon Lester’s Outstanding Left Arm

Here on the internet we like to gush about lots of things. Celebrity deaths, Inception, and Mel Gibson rants. Well today we are going to tack on another thing to gush about. That’s right, Jon Lester. Of course, we have […]

The 2011 Infield for the Sox

In 2010 we have Youk-Dusty-Scoot-Beltre. As we have all heard by now this is merely a bridge to the next Red Sox era. Many are pleased with Beltre and might be asking why he isn’t part of what is on […]

Beckett & Buchholz Back On The Bump

In spite of previous reports, Clay Buchholz will not be starting against the Rangers Friday. Instead he will be toeing the mound for the Paw Sox Friday in Syracuse instead. Joining him in a rehab stint on Saturday will be […]

Predicting Pap’s Pitches

On a day where one pitcher could pitch for either side in the same game tonight (depending on when he is traded), we talk about predicting pitchers performances. Instead of Cliff Lee however, we will be dissecting Jonathan Papelbon. Predictability is the worst case scenario for a pitcher. Especially one who has a limited amount [...]

The DL Report

Every once and a while I will throw together a post full of links and summaries updating the status of various players on the DL for the Sox. Needless to say, this is a long list right now.Jacoby Ellsbury – Though he will spend the weekend in Toronto with the team, he is still not [...]

David Ortiz’s Predictable Splits

The ups and downs of Big Papi’s last few years have been well documented. From Franchise HR marks to steroid admissions (kind of?). Sometimes he carries the Sox, sometimes he sinks them. For someone who was once named “Most Clutch Player In Red Sox History”, he certainly has been inconsistent. In 2010, he has had [...]

Leverage Index & Win/Run Expectancy Explained

Over the years there have been many many systems that try to capture “clutch” performances. Stats about situational hitting, hitting with 2 outs, with full counts, and tons of other things. Out of that has come fangraph’s “leverage index”. By using live game odds and win percentages they have figured out which at bats really [...]

The Obligatory All Star Snub Rant

I would like to establish now that I am not merely a Red Sox fan, but a baseball fan. Of course I thought Youk deserved to be in first shot, and I think Beltre should have started, but there is one all star snub that 100% proves that we must take this out of the [...]

The March To 200. Tim Wakefield Starts Tonight.

Wake is a lifer for the Sox. Any Sox fan has to be pulling for him to crack that 200 win barrier. If it doesn’t happen this season it surly will next year. Until then, I’m going to break down his chances each night he starts to gain one more win on his way to [...]

Mr. McDonalds Luck Finally Turns

Yesterday we looked at Daniel Nava and what it is about him that makes him serviceable as a replacement outfielder. Today we look at the second of the no name outfielders patrolling the friendly confines, Darnell McDonald. Lets focus on what has been bugging McDonald for years:The difference in production between the minors and the [...]

Nava: Hey, Listen!

By now we are all aware of the meteoric rise of Daniel Nava. All of the heartwarming stories would have you believe that he came from nowhere. Cut from his college team, traded for a bag of balls, all the cliches. Of course it is a great story. But when this guy hit the Sox [...]

So What If We Are 2/3 Of The Way To A Sea Dogs Game?

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tyler Norton and I was born and raised in New England watching Boston sports. For more information on me you can click here and shoot me an email. Also feel free to write in with questions or comments possibly for a mailbag (if [...]