Who Must Have Impact for St. Louis Cardinals in Game 3 of World Series?

Who Must Have Impact for St. Louis Cardinals in Game 3 of World Series

There is no question Game 3 of the World Series is a huge moment for the St. Louis Cardinals. It is a chance to continue building momentum after their big win in Game 2. In fact, a victory in the […]

Who Must Have Impact for Boston Red Sox in Game 3 of World Series?

Who Must Have Impact for Boston Red Sox in Game 3 of World Series

The Boston Red Sox had Game 2 of the World Series won against the St. Louis Cardinals. Unfortunately, foolish errors resulted in a tough loss that left a bad taste in the mouth of the players. One way to remove […]

Cardinals vs. Red Sox: 5 Bold 2013 World Series Predictions

World Series Trophy

MLB Postseason: Boston Red Sox’ Clay Buchholz Needs To Pitch Like An Ace

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

This ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers was for the most part, an incredibly well-pitched series from both teams, especially from Detroit. There is one pitcher that has not pitched well, however — that would be Clay Buchholz. Between the […]

Boston Red Sox Will Regret Dealing Jose Iglesias For Jake Peavy

Jose Iglesias

Many of you watching the 2013 MLB Postseason might have forgotten about the mid-season trade that was made between the Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox. As fate would have it; two of the players in […]

ALCS 2013: Pressure Now Shifts To Boston Red Sox After Detroit Tigers Even Series

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

After a 7-3 beat down on a night where Jake Peavy was wildly ineffective the pressure in this series now shifts to the Boston Red Sox. Red Sox ace Jon Lester is on the mound tonight in what is  a […]

ALCS 2013: Detroit Tigers Will Need To Lean On Pitching Staff To Overcome 2-1 Series Deficit

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers are now up against it with a 2-1 series deficit and having to deal with Jake Peavy and Boston Red Sox ace Jon Lester the next two days. It looks like a very precarious position for the […]

Which Starter Will The Boston Red Sox Trade This Winter?

Jake Peavy

The Boston Red Sox still have a ways to go in their ALCS matchup against the Detroit Tigers, but the offseason is just around the corner for both teams. In relation to the Red Sox, with some young arms on the way, they’ll […]

ALDS: Jake Peavy Did the Job he Was Traded to Boston Red Sox to Do

Jake Peavy

When Jake Peavy was pulled from the ALDS game between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays, the score was 1 – 0 Rays. Even considering that fact, the Red Sox did themselves right by trading for Peavy because […]

MLB Playoffs: Why The Boston Red Sox Got Jake Peavy

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Peavy was a big acquisition for the Boston Red Sox. He gives them another quality starter, and is a strong veteran presence towards the end of the rotation. Having a pitcher with Peavy’s credentials starting an important game is […]

ALDS 2013: Boston Red Sox Have The Better Rotation

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest surprises in all of MLB this season would have to be the performance of the Boston Red Sox. Given how badly the season ended for them in 2011 and just how bad they were in 2012, there were […]

MLB Playoffs: Breaking Down the Boston Red Sox’ ALDS Rotation

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox will be taking on the Tampa Bay Rays starting Friday, in a best of five ALDS series. In a short series like the ALDS, arguably the most important player is the Game 1 starter. Game 1 will […]