New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter Deserves All-Star Nod, But Not As Starter

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He is the face of baseball. He is a legend for the New York Yankees, the most prestigious team in all of baseball. This is his final season, and we may not see another player of his caliber for a very long […]

5 New York Yankees Who Belong On 2014 AL All-Star Team

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Should The New York Mets Trade David Wright After Getting Swept In Back-To-Back Series?

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The New York Mets lost their sixth straight game today with a 6-4 loss against the San Francisco Giants, completing the series sweep. Even though Mets third baseman David Wright had the day off, more focus was on him than […]

New York Yankees’ 2014 Season Will Be Defined by Loss

Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees

On Wednesday Night Baseball, in front of yet another national audience, the New York Yankees took on the upstart Oakland Athletics in a game between two teams that could not be more different. The Athletics are always flying under the […]

5 Admirable Traits About New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter


Derek Jeter Reveals His Favorite Movies

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Derek Jeter is making all kinds of stops on his farewell tour. Everybody wants to talk to the living legend on his victory lap, and rightfully so. Players like The Captain just don’t come around all that often. But recently […]

Derek Jeter On Pace to Start All-Star Game, Shows That Fan Voting is a Joke

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As one of the best shortstops of all time, Derek Jeter has gained the respect of everyone who follows MLB over the years. The New York Yankees‘ captain has been a staple of the team for about 20 years now […]

Derek Jeter Still Shows Flashes of Brilliance for New York Yankees

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It may be the final season for Derek Jeter, but the veteran New York Yankees shortstop is proving one thing: he is headed out the exit door on his terms. With a strong four-hit performance Sunday against the Chicago White […]

Derek Jeter: New York Yankees Shortstop’s Latest Milestone Should Not Be Overlooked

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There are a lot of talks about the best players being able to do it all. They can go out and play 150 plus games in a season, and give the team everything they have both in the batters box […]

New York Yankees’ Lineup Has Flaws That Need To Be Fixed

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It has been an up-and-down season thus far in 2014 for the New York Yankees. Their record of 25-23 after Saturday afternoon’s comeback win over the Chicago White Sox exemplifies that. They made plenty of noise in the offseason, signing […]

New York Yankees Need Mark Teixeira’s Production To Continue

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The New York Yankees currently sit on top of the AL East. The team is playing in a division where all five teams are not living up to their potential, and if the Yankees stand a chance of winning the […]

New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi Is Being Tested Again

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Pitching is an important piece needed to win. So too is hitting. The New York Yankees are unfortunately seeing players from both sides go down. 60 percent of the starting pitching is on the DL. Ivan Nova, a promising young […]