Greg Holland To Be Kansas City Royals’ Mainstay For Years To Come

Greg Holland

With Mariano Rivera bowing out of the game of baseball last fall, the Kansas City Royals might just have the best closer in the american league on their roster. Sure, Greg Holland isn’t exactly a household name, but his statistics […]

New York Yankees Wise To Pass On Fernando Rodney

Fernando Rodney

Fernando Rodney has agreed to a two-year, $14 million contract with the Seattle Mariners. Prior to the deal, some believed the New York Yankees could have used Rodney as a backup closer should David Robertson get hurt or fail to […]

Who Will Be New York Yankees’ Setup Man In 2014?


As the 2014 MLB season approaches, the reality that Mariano Rivera will not be showing up for Spring Training this year is beginning to settle in. The departure of Mo causes a panic among the New York Yankees and their fans. The […]

New York Yankees Should Consider Fernando Rodney

Fernando Rodney

Just four months removed from missing the playoffs for the second time in the past 20 years, the New York Yankees have filled their dugout with high-priced free agents, but they didn’t attend to their bullpen. With a less than […]

10 MLB Stars That the Game Will Truly Miss in 2014

Todd Helton Sign

New York Yankees: Dellin Betances Must Step Up As Power Bullpen Arm


Mariano Rivera is retired, Boone Logan signed with the Colorado Rockies, and Joba Chamberlain will be hanging sliders and leaving fastballs over the heart of the plate for the Detroit Tigers in 2014. That’s three of the five New York […]

New York Yankees Fans: It Is Your Money That’s Being Spent


With the addition of Masahiro Tanaka, the New York Yankees have blown past the $189 million luxury tax threshold. As a result, the organization will be taxed at an astounding 50 percent rate in 2014. Hal Steinbrenner claimed one of […]

New York Yankees: Can David Robertson Replace Mariano Rivera?

David Robertson

Replacing good players is never an easy task in sports, so the Yankees have quite the challenge as they look to replace the greatest relief pitcher of all time, Mariano Rivera. Exit Sandman, enter pressure. The role of New York Yankees closer […]

Joel Hanrahan Could be a Solid Long-Term Investment For Los Angeles Angels

Joel Hanrahan

The Los Angeles Angels have made it an emphasis to address their pitching staff problems this offseason, so with that in mind, the team can possibly add another low-risk and high reward pitcher in Joel Hanrahan. The 2013 season for the 32-year-old, as […]

New York Yankees: Austin Romine Should Catch When Brian McCann Is The DH


Brian McCann is the best acquisition the New York Yankees have made thus far this offseason. The slugging left-handed catcher should see his power numbers increase with the short porch in right and will hopefully revive a pitching rotation that […]

Jerry Coleman Was an Average Second Baseman, But Still All-Time Great

New York Yankees Logo

The New York Yankees lost an all-time great No. 42 when Mariano Rivera decided to hang up the spikes at the end of last season. On Sunday, we lost Jerry Coleman, another No. 42 who was instrumental in bringing championships […]

New York Yankees: David Robertson Needs To Step Up As Closer In 2014

David Robertson

It is unrealistic to expect David Robertson to be Mariano Rivera. It is realistic, however, to have high expectations for the 28-year-old former All-Star. Robertson has the experience and talent needed to be a successful closer in MLB. When Rivera […]