2014 MLB Free Agency: Top 5 Available Outfielders


John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees are probably one of the very few MLB teams that are happy right now, and who could blame them? After the news came down on Friday that their embattled third baseman Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for […]

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

One of the darker days of the 2013 MLB year is now a distant memory as the 2014 Major League Baseball Hall-of-Fame class has been announced. Frank Thomas was elected with just under 90% approval while former teammates Greg Maddux […]

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Brad Mills - USA Today Sports

It is over three months before the 2014 MLB season will begin, but the Las Vegas Sports books have set the odds for who they like in each league to contend for the World Series. VegasInsider.com, which is a site […]

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Charles LeClaire - USA TODAY Sports

There are those facts of life for every professional sport that are usually just shrugged off as a ‘part of the game’. The NHL for example turns fights into mini-spectacles — a routine day in the league. In the NFL […]

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Jhonny Peralta

It seems like Jhonny Peralta’s $53 million contract with the St. Louis Cardinals is the last straw for baseball players everywhere — the clean ones anyway. Players all over baseball are bashing the fact that Peralta has essentially been rewarded […]

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