2014 Projected Starting Rotation for Philadelphia Phillies


Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies,

With an 8-14 record last year, Cole Hamels could be thought of as coming off a bad season for the Philadelphia Phillies as he begins a comeback campaign tonight vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers. The 2008 World Series MVP finished his 2013 […]

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Ruben Amaro, Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies,

When GM Ruben Amaro Jr. of the Philadelphia Phillies stepped up to the microphone in Spring Training and said manager Ryne Sandberg‘s “no comment” was something he should not have said, a seed of doubt was planted — not over […]

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Ryan Howard

Being from and living in Philadelphia is a hard thing. I am not saying that life is easy anywhere else; I am just trying to say that in Philadelphia, it is really bad. We have a basketball team that was […]

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Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies

It’s become a sad reality for the Philadelphia Phillies over the last few seasons. More often than desired, a starting pitcher’s solid outing has been spoiled by an offense that went cold. The two latest victims of this unfortunate trend […]

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Jonathan Papelbon Philadelphia Phillies

For the Philadelphia Phillies, the next four games could very well set the tone for the next few weeks. Whether that tone happens to be positive or negative remains to be seen. On Monday, the Phillies will begin a four-game […]

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