Video: Gina Carano vs Channing Tatum

You’ve probably heard that Gina Carano, former Strikeforce star was starring in the Steven Soderbergh spy thriller, Haywire.  The general release date of the movie is January 20, and the opening scene was just released for your viewing pleasure.  It features Carano vs Channing Tatum battling it out in the stock ‘fight at roadside restaurant’ trope:—exclusive-clip—first-5-minutes-of-the-film

Gina probably has a lucrative career in film ahead of her, which makes it much more unlikely that she’ll return to the cage (with Cristiane Santos out, Gina would probably have been fast tracked to a title shot).  She could become the equivalent of The Rock for MMA, which is probably a good thing as these people can get paid without destroying their bodies.

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  • Ta Quynh Nga

    … And also ufc’s ultimate figher concern,… When you find yourself watching the combat the location where the opposing team are similarly matched however one appears to master the fight,… octagon

  • fingerssfv

    This movie looks good, so far.

  • not pedro rizzo

    Pretty cool to see someone from the MMA world star in a movie by a director like Soderbergh. It does a lot more for the sport than Cung Le in Tekken or GSP in Redbelt.

  • Jul.Ch

    Didn’t they dub her voice or something here?

    • rayang

      Yes, they altered her voice. Some controversy about it, personally I think it’s overblown. TV and film always make tons of modifications from base shots.