Rampage Jackson is full of surprises

By Chris Shelton

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is one of the most interesting characters in the UFC.

He’s an interesting soundbite whenever interviewed. In fact bleacher report did a piece on his top ten quotes. He draws you in, he’s compelling. There is no doubt about that.

His interviews have become compelling fodder for those fans who have watched. Many know about the well documented events. Jackson once dry humped a reporter, Heather Nichols while answering a question. He also offered to motorboat a separate reporter after UFC 130.

Jackson is the same man today that he was coming in, personality wise. He still wears his customary rope chain and speaks in the same dialect.

In other words he’s still Jenny from the block. Bad reference aside, there are many layers of Rampage Jackson.

He is a bad movie star. The A Team movie is an example of that.

In conjunction with those qualities, Jackson is a great fighter and has been for a long time. He was a beast in Pride and transitioned effortlessly to the UFC.

He was the UFC champion at the lightweight before being defeated by Forest Griffin and has continued to be a legit competitor since losing.

Rampage has hovered around the top of the division and though he was outclassed by Jon Jones in a title bout, he is still an elite talent. His recent history suggests that he is slightly over the hill but still in the discussion of top competitors at the 205 lb contenders division.

Rampage has stated that the old Rampage will return for this fight. I hope this means he will again slam competitors to the mat in emphatic fashion.

Jackson will fight up and comer, Ryan Bader on tomorrow’s action packed card.

Bader is sure that he won’t be a victim of the ‘old Rampage.

He told mmajunkie “I’m a couple-time All-American,” Bader said of his NCAA Division I wrestling past. “If he thinks he’s just going to come in there and pick me up and slam me, that’s just not going to happen.”

Bader may view Jackson as a stepping stool to greener pastures but he better not look past Jackson because he can still finish a good opponent.

Jackson is still a great striker and wrestler.

The match-up is one that will decide relevancy. One fighter will remain in the muddled middle and one will step up to another level in competition.

Jackson obviously has more experience in these types of fights but Bader is younger and has more to prove. But you should never underestimate Jackson. He has come through time after time.

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