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Vitor Belfort Eyes A Move Up, Not Scared To Fight Jon Jones

Former Light heavyweight champion, Vitor Belfort versus current light weight champion, Jon Jones.

How does that sound MMA fans?

It sounds good to me.

“The Phenom” was Jon Jones back in the gap. He had memorable early finishes and cruised through a talented division.

Today, Belfort is a top 5 middleweight but the constant weight cutting has taken a toll on his body. And though he has since rebounded, he was taken down quickly by current Champion Anderson Silva with a kick to the face. He may never get another shot at Silva. I’m not sure if fans want to see a rematch.

 He has a ceiling at 185 lbs, as long as the status quo continues.

Belfort is eyeing a move up in weight to the division he belongs in.

“I don’t know how long I will stay in this division. I wanted to do more two or three fights. If my body will no longer permit this big weight cutting, I will go up (to light heavyweight). I am not afraid of Jon Jones or somebody else … It’s not for me to choose my opponents.”

If Jones defeats Dan Henderson, and that is no gimme because Hendo can knock anyone out, even in his advanced age, just ask Michael Bisping, a bout between Jones and Belfort makes sense.

Jones has cleared the division that Belfort once owned in impressive fashion. There aren’t any legitimate guys worthy of a title shot immediately ready. Young, talented fighters like Phil Davis and Alexander Gustafsson don’t hold an impressive enough resume to warrant a shot. Jones has already defeated Ryan Bader and trotting out the same former champions is unappealing.