Chan “The Korean Zombie” Jung Hopes For A Title Shot

Chan Sung Jung believes that he is the number 1 contender for the featherweight crown.

My bit of advice to “The Korean Zombie,” be careful what you wish for. Waiting behind that title shot is a matchup with Jose Aldo.

On Friday, June 29th, Jung went to twitter to express his opinion.

“I want Jose Aldo. I will end his reign as a Champion,” he tweeted.

I respect his confidence. He put a bulls eye on his back. His declarations have caused the MMA world to take notice of his impressive finishes.

If he does garner a title shot, he has Aldo’s attention. He won’t beat him by surprise. It’ll be because he is a better fighter.

Jung echoed what he previously said after a 4th round submission victory over Dustin Poirier. Poirier was considered a top title contender before the loss.

“The Korean Zombie” is firmly entrenched as a top five UFC featherweight. Now he wants to be recognized as one. Jung is on a three fight win streak but needs one more victory, in my opinion, to deserve a title shot.

Maybe he can win.

With Aldo hurt, the door is open for contending featherweights to make a move up the ladder.

Aldo was scheduled to fight Erik Koch at UFC 149. Dana White has cast aspersions, wallowing on Aldo’s next opponent.

A compelling bout could put Jung against Ricardo Lamas with a title shot on the line.

I believe that Jung believes that he can defeat Aldo. Believing and achieving are two different concepts though. The UFC needs confident fighters who are not scared to voice their opinion.

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