1st Round Knockout: Delusional UFC Fighter Alert: Johny Hendricks

ED Note: 1st Round knockout is my take on the most compelling MMA story of the day.

Johny Hendricks is either supremely confident or the second most delusional fighter in the UFC.

“Like I said before I want a shot at the belt. I feel like I’ve done enough to get that title shot. Certaincircumstances have held me up from getting that. I was okay with sitting on the sidelines. Everyone was okay with saying that I could sit on the sidelines waiting for Carlos Condit or GSP. What made me mad is that Carlos Condit called out Martin Kampmann instead . I was like whoa, whoa, whoa. First off he has the belt and we get to call him out. Kampmann’s not the number one contender. I just cleared out the division for a lot of other people to move forward. Condit calling out Kampmann – that would be like me telling Carlos Condit that I wanted to fight another guy. You don’t get to pick and choose. You’re at the top of the mountain. Everyone has to work their way to you, and I understand that Condit did get beat by Kampann like 3 or 4 years ago. Bottom line – a long time ago. Now Kampmann has to get through me. There are a lot of things going through my mind. It’s just that I have to go through one more guy.”

Sure, the young man is making hey in the talent-laden welterweight division but “cleared out the division for a lot of other people to move forward” shows his immaturity. He’s had success but isn’t a perennial contender by any stretch of the imagination.

Victories over Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch are impressive. The showed that Hendricks is ready for prime time. He’s a talented fighter but not a clear number 1 contender.

It was fair to pit him against Martin Kampman. Kampman has a long track record with experience consistently competing against top competition.

Hendricks hasn’t earned the right to sit out and wait his turn. His resume is not impressive enough to warrant that type of consideration.

So Johny Hendricks, just shut up and fight.

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