Anderson Silva Remains Undefeated In UFC, Beats Chael Sonnen At UFC 148: Silva Vs. Sonnen II

Anderson Silva might just be the best mixed martial artist that we will ever see.  Chael Sonnen was the only man to come close to beating him in UFC, but Silva took revenge at UFC 148:  Silva vs. Sonnen II.  Silva was able to score the technical knockout in the second round with a knee that some have called illegal.

The bout these two great fighters had at UFC 117 was the first one that showed Silva had some cracks in his armor.  Sonnen dominated the entire fight until Silva was able to score a submission late in the match.

Many thought this match would be extremely close and that Anderson Silva was not going to be able to beat Sonnen again.  I saw that a lot of fans had Sonnen pegged to win the bout.  Those words apparently meant something to Silva.  Even before the match, the notoriously quiet Silva took shots at Sonnen in the weeks prior.

On a related note, it felt like this UFC card took simply forever.  I wanted to watch the Silva/Sonnen fight so bad that the rest of the card seemed to drag.  It wasn’t any longer than a normal thing, but it felt like it took way too long.  Must have been the hype for the big fight.

This match was actually a great one to watch, even for casual fans like me.  I am not a big fan of mixed martial arts, but the buildup for this fight was too much to ignore.  I would bet that this card brought in a lot of fans that would normally not watch stuff like this.  I bet the sport made some new fans after this.

Anderson Silva is once again the dominant force that we all came to expect.  It just took a mouthy Sonnen to bring out the best in him.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.