1st Round Knockout: ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans Is Eyeing A Move To Middleweight To Set Up A Title Fight With Anderson Silva

ED Note: 1st Round knockout is my take on the most compelling MMA story of the day.

What is next for Anderson Silva?

He has cleared out the division. The Spider has defeated the only challenger to legitimately challenge him twice. Most of the contenders at Middleweight seem to be lightweights compared to Silva’s skills in the Octagon. Silva’s striking acumen is unmatched. His blend of speed and technical placement is impossible to prepare for.

And as such, he can compete with bigger fighters.

The Spider doesn’t have a big frame. His arms and chest are not as defined as most other fighters, but that’s been the case since Silva entered the UFC.

Silva defeated James Irvin and toyed with Forest Griffin at light heavyweight.

Dana White has that option again. A title fight with Jon Jones would be enticing. The two are both undefeated. There would be a lot on the line, mainly a 1 in the right numerical column next to their name.

It’s a good thought in theory. I’m not sure who would win, but I know I would watch. And you would too.

The status quo won’t continue to intrigue the masses.

After the flair of Chael Sonnen, another fight with Michael Bisping, Mark Munoz, Chris Weidman or Brian Stann; even a tangible combination of all four, doesn’t excite me. The aforementioned guys are good, don’t get me wrong, but they will not last very long in the Octagon against Silva.

The fans don’t want to see Silva clear the same division again. There are different faces but it’s fair to assume the results will be the same. Unless, well, unless there is an insurgent into the Middleweight logjam. It has to be a big named insurgent, one that casual fans recognize.

That name has surfaced.

Rashad Evans has thrown his hat in the field of possible competitors. That gets you out of your seat. Evans might be better suited for a move down to Middleweight. The other fighters at 205 lbs are noticeably bigger than Evans.

“@lorenzofertitta i want 2 pick a fight with the middle weight champion! Lol Make it happen!! Please!!,” Evans Tweeted.

Much like Frankie Edgar, Evans would be better served by moving down. He would gain more power in his technical punching ability. As a wrestler, being a big fighter in your division benefits your strength and hence, your takedowns will be more powerful.

Does he deserve a title shot though?

Behind Silva, after Sonnen was taken down on Saturday, the top 3UFC Middleweights (Michael Bisping, Mark Munoz, and Brian Stann) don’t move the meter.

‘Suga’ has already defeated Bisping. I don’t think Munoz and Stann are ready yet.

An Evans versus Sonnen fight would also be compelling. Though, the two fighters wouldn’t be able to spend a minute in the same room. Their collective head size would eliminate that possibility.

Can you imagine the pre-fight trash talk?


I want to see Evans vs Silva. It’s the perfect blend of high-profile hype, substance and legitimate suspense.

So to Dana White and UFC match-maker, Joe Silva, let’s make it happen.

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