The UFC on Fuel 4 Has Title Implications With Its Main Event, Munoz vs Weidman

UFC on Fuel 4’s main event wields the future of the Middleweight division in its grasp.

Mark Munoz takes on Chris Weidman in a fight which may decide Anderson Silva’s next fight. Munoz seems in line for a title shot if he wins. Munoz has defeated several top competitors. He’s worthy of a title shot. You can make an argument for Michael Bisping but ultimately, the Brit is coming off of a loss. He needs to fight again.

Weidman is also close. He needs at least one more fight though. If Weidman wins, a battle with Bisping or Chael Sonnen seems inherent.

Mark my words: Chris Weidman will be the Middleweight Champion once Anderson Silva vacates the division. Weidman is just too talented.

It’s too early for Weidman to face Silva now though.

I think Mark Munoz is a good caveat. The Filipino Wrecking Machine is powerful and explosive. When he takes you down, he aims to finish the fight with his patented Donkey Kong Punch and devastating ground and pound.

“I see this fight being everywhere. I see this fight being on the ground, and if he takes me down, I’ll pop him back up. But I’m gonna look to take him down, too. I’m gonna try and ground-and-pound, and use my ‘Donkey Kong punches’ to my advantage, like I always do. I’m prepared for it to be on the feet too, and we all know that when two wrestlers fight, we neutralize each other, and it happens on the feet, mostly, so I’ve been working on my stand-up a lot for this fight. I expect it to be a stand-up war, but at the same time, I expect it to be everywhere; in the cage, on the ground, wherever — on the feet, I’m prepared.”


Chris Weidman is great at a lot of things, but is he ready for the lights?

He has never been in a main event. You never know how a guy will react in that situation.

Munoz is also more desperate. He has been offered a number 1 contender match and lost it due to injury before. He can almost taste a title shot.

Weidman hasn’t felt that before


On the feet, Weidman is a more technical striker. If it becomes a boxing match on the feet, Weidman will get the better of Munoz.

Munoz wants to brawl. He’ll knock you out. Munoz is also more powerful.

The longer the fight lasts, the more it benefits Weidman. He’ll pick Munoz apart once initial fatigue sets in.

Munoz needs to use his strong strikes to supplement his take downs. He could then ground and pound, exactly what he likes to do. Munoz needs to finish the fight. He certainly can though.


Both are great wrestlers. The category is a wash.


Here is where Weidman can shine. Munoz has to be careful when attempting to finish the fight on the ground. Weidman submitted Jesse Bongfeldt with a standing guillotine. That’s impressive.

My Prediction

Weidman is a talented fighter who could win. But he won’t. He’s a future champion, just not right now.

Munoz wins by third round knockout due to Donkey Kong punches.

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