Chris Weidman Impresses At UFC on Fuel 4

Well, now I’m a believer.

Chris Weidman proved that he was big enough for the moment, out classing Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel 4.

Anderson Silva better watch his back.

Though Weidman had limited experience in the Octagon (5 fights), he dominated the fight in every conceivable way. He was the better fighter, no qualms, no arguments. Weidman has the look of a champion. I would not doubt him and you should not either.

The Octagon has never seen Munoz dominated so thoroughly. Munoz is a great wrestler, Weidman was better though. Weidman took Munoz to the mat early in round one and Munoz never recovered. Weidman put Munoz in bad positions several times throughout the course of the round. He took Munoz’s back a few times and placed him in several submission attempts. It could have easily been judged a 10-8. I was impressed.

The second round was more of the same. Weidman clocked his opponent with an elbow that hit him flush. The fight was over after that. Once Munoz hit the ground Weidman pounded out a victory.

It was vicious.

The referee allowed the bout to carry on far too long. The Filipino Wrecking Machine took at least 10 excess punches to the face before the Josh Rosenthal mercifully saved him from Weidman’s dominance. The referee’s performance was pathetic.

Munoz could have been hurt.

Some would argue that Weidman is not ready for Silva. No one is ever ready for “The Spider though.”

Weidman is as ready as he ever will be.

If Silva isn’t moving up or down for a super-fight, a fight with Weidman is the next best thing. There is some intrigue to that bout.

Can the young fighter pull off the upset? It’s possible. Weidman has all of the tools.

Perhaps the youngster needs one more fight against a top talent to deserve a shot in the ring with Silva. I could see a Weidman vs Belcher fight or Weidman vs Bisping to solidify his standing. Just like he handled Munoz, he’ll handle each of those competitors.

Weidman is my favorite Middleweight now.

With his wrestling acumen coupled with submission prowess and great technical striking, he’s Chael Sonnen on steroids…….. wait……….. He’s better than Chael Sonnen on steroids.

I don’t want to become a prisoner of the moment but honestly, Weidman has a legitimate shot to win against Silva.

It is always imperative to be careful what you wish for.

Weidman called out Silva but are those hands really what he wants?

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