1st Round Knockout: Who Remembers Lyoto Machida Finish Rashad Evans In Vicious Fashion?

The video is grainy but the knockout is still clear.

Lyoto Machida was untouchable at UFC 98. This was before Mauricio Shogun Rua was involved in his life.

Machida fought Rashad Evans at UFC 98 for light heavyweight gold. It was the first match-up of unbeaten fighters in a title fight in UFC history.

Machida did not disappoint. He used his slick combination of skills to overwhelm Evans in the second round. It’s the unorthodox striking that allows Machida to garner victories. The use of martial arts is tough to prepare for. Most fighters prepare for muy thai strikers.

It’s akin to Georgia Tech’s option attack. When Tech is on your schedule you will not face another school that runs the same sets. Most other college football teams have a balanced attack. It maybe run or pass heavy but their is a threat of both. The option is very unique in that way. You can’t replicate an option offense in practice.

Obviously Evans had the same issue. Machida’s striking was on another level. It’s impossible to replicate the kicks and punches from the crafty angles that he finds.

Machida rocked Jon Jones in the first round in their title bout at UFC 140. It was the first time Jones has been in any semblance of trouble. The champion stumbled from a 1-2 combination but eventually regained his footing and recovered to defeat The Dragon.

Evans is a great light heavyweight in his own right. He was out classed in his UFC 98 bout.

It was a great fight to watch; it was certainly an aesthetically pleasing knockout.

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