What’s next for Anderson Silva?

What are the next steps for Anderson Silva? Many Fight fans are asking the same thing.  Silva has done almost everything there is to do as a Mixed Martial Artists.He has defended his title 10 times and is currently on a 15 fight win streak while in the UFC, both of these are records that will last for a long time. Silva is starting to age and most likely will be nearing the end of his career in the coming years, there would be no need for the Silva to fight into his mid to late 40′s. The only thing Anderson Silva is missing from his amazing career is a super fight against an opponent in a different division. When I say a super fight I mean a fight with someone like Georges St. Pierre or Jon Jones.Not much action has taken place with either demands but I think it will happen soon, Silva has pretty much cleared out the middleweight division and has overcome his biggest challenge in Chael Sonnen.Silva’s dominance has made it very hard for the UFC to find good match-ups within his division and has made a potential super fight almost mandatory.Whether it be against GSP or Jones, both would bring record breaking attention and PPV sales, but what would we rather see? Silva VS GSP or Silva VS Jones?

The decision probably wouldn’t be that hard to decide, GSP has shown interest in the fight as long as he could make the weight adjustments or if they could agree on a catch-weight.Jon Jones on the other hand said there would be no value in the fight and that they have a lot of respect for each other, so as of now the Silva vs Jones fight is highly unlikely.In my opinion though, the fight against Jones would make more sense because Silva has already taken two fights at light-heavyweight and has enough size to compete at 205. The match-up itself would be really interesting, both fighters are world class strikers and like to keep there fights standing but who’s to say that Jones is on the same level of striking that Silva is?

Another question is who would give Silva the better challenge? Although Silva and Jones are closer to the same size then Silva and GSP are, I think GSP might be the bigger threat, I just don’t think that Jones would be able to out strike Silva.There would certainly be a big size advantage for Silva but GSP is a dominant wrestler with very good submission defense.Sonnen showed that Silva could be beat by a good wrestler but lacked the ability to defend submissions. Had Sonnen possessed better submission defense he most likely would have taken Silva’s belt in the first fight. GSP lacks the size but just might have the perfect combination of skills needed to defeat Silva with his superior ability to take an opponent down and control them. Either way both fights would be awesome to watch, and a victory over either fighter would without a doubt put Silva as the greatest fighter of all time. With time winding down in Silva’s career look for one of these fights to take place in mid to late 2013.


Written By:Colin Barton