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Anderson Silva Will Wait Until 2013 To Fight Again

Anderson Silva will not be fighting again in 2012. The middleweight champion has stated to Dana White that he would like to take some time off until 2013.

Dana White:”Anderson said he wants to take some time off until after the end of this year.We’ll start talking to him”

White also went on to say that Chris Weidman is the current number one contender in the middleweight division. With Silva taking the rest of 2012 off this will bring up a lot of fight possibilities for him. Weidman might have to take another fight before he gets to Silva, that fight would most likely be against the winner of the Michael Bisping and Brian Stann fight in September. Another possibility would be a fight with Georges St Pierre, but that would depend on the results of GSP’s next fight which will take place at UFC 154 in November.

The decision Silva has made is a good one for himself and the middleweight division as well. It gives Silva time to decide if he wants to take a potential super fight or if he wants to stay within his division. It also gives much needed time for the division to sort itself out and to give fighters a chance to get into title contention at middleweight. Overall it benefits both sides. 185 seems to be at a low point right now with very few fighters separating themselves from the rest of the pack, no one seems to be able to get a good win streak together. Silva’s dominance doesn’t help the title picture either, but the time off should give the division a chance for some fighters to put themselves into contention. Which would give 185 some much needed depth.