Frankie Edgar Has A Tough Decision To Make

We all know that winning cures all ills, but it’s an extreme case for Frankie Edgar.

Edgar lost a close decision to Ben Henderson on Saturday at UFC 150 in Denver. Many believe Edgar did enough to win, however, the judges saw the fight differently.

Honestly, it ended how it should have. I think Edgar won the fight but the rematch shouldn’t have happened. Henderson clearly won the last battle. Edgar was just owed a rematch after mismanagement of previous situations in the division that have left it hostage.

Initially, BJ Penn didn’t deserve a retry at Edgar. Sure there was a modicum of controversy, but that occurs with every fight that goes to a judge’s decision. Penn was immediately granted a second try because of his name. It set a bad precedent.

Every MMA voice that I trust believes Edgar did enough to garner a victory. That doesn’t matter though. The judges made their decision and it has real implications.

For Henderson, the path is pretty clear. Up next is a war with Nick Diaz.

For Edgar, though, uncertainty will ensue.

Will he attempt to work his way back up the lightweight ladder for another championship shot?

It’s hard to climb the mountain again. I have faith that he can do it but does he want to fight guys like Clay Guida, knowing that it would be tough to get another title shot if Henderson continues to defend the belt? It would be tough for Dana White to sell fans on another rematch in their division.

Will he move down to featherweight?

That’s a possibility that he should explore. It’s one that Dana White has pushed since The New Jersey native’s thrilling trilogy with Gray Maynard. It is unfair to force Edgar to move down. He’s earned the right to choose his weight class. He is a former champion who defended the belt.

While champion, Edgar was a gritty warrior who won despite all of the odds. The odds against Edgar are his lack of size and style. Edgar is smaller than most lightweights. He doesn’t cut weight to get ready for a bout. That puts you at a huge disadvantage. Bigger fighters give the appearance of damage. When you look at Edgar’s face after fights it seems like featherweight is a better option. His face is always bruised.

After losing, the media and fans grabbed hold of a deprecating narrative. The questions then arose.

They’re fair questions though.

I think that Edgar should move down but the bigger deal is whether he thinks so.

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