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Jon Jones May Be The Biggest Humblebragger In UFC History

Jon Jones, the UFC light heavyweight champion, is a cocky SOB. I like my champions arrogant, that is, if you’re good.

Jones is good.

There is no doubt about that. He actually makes defeating great fighters look like child’s play. He has defeated four former champions, all with relative ease. But I don’t need to rehash his accomplishments. You are familiar with them. And they are impressive.

If you can defeat four former champions, you can brag. The problem is that he humblebrags. That’s annoying.

Though I love to watch Jones fight, I hate to hear him speak. He uses his elbows and legs in such a unique way. Bones will have a reach advantage in every fight in which he is a participant. He’s the best at using his length against other fighters.

Jones is still improving at certain facets of his game. That’s just scary. He has room to grow as a striker.

However, Jones trys to wrap himself in a pretty package, tie the bow perfectly and place it under your proverbial Christmas tree. Fans know what’s in the package though. So it’s anti-climactic.

Wrapped in his humble persona is a braggadocio.

Everyone knows a person like Jon Jones. He’s the guy who casually name-drops.

“My wife grew up with LeBron James, we go to dinner all the time.”

“I wrestled with Mike Golic in high school, I text him and Greeny every week.”

Jon Jones is that guy.

He proved it again with his recent statements about his upcoming fight with Henderson.

“It’ll be like walking into a dark room. He won’t know what to expect. A lot of the random stuff that I do, I feel very confident that I’m gonna be the first guy to TKO him. I’m gonna slowly and methodically hit him one hit at a time until he decides that his body’s hurting and he wants the fight to be over. Nature will take its course.”

Really? “It’ll be like walking into a dark room.” What does that even mean?

I’m not saying that Jones should be more humble. He shouldn’t have to hold his head down and shut-up. Jones has earned the right to say whatever he wants to say.

Jones is one of the baddest men on the planet. He just signed a lucrative, multi-year contract with Nike. He’ll probably become the highest paid MMA fighter ever at some point. Jones will take the UFC and combat sports to a new level.

Georges St. Pierre is a humble guy at this point in his career. Chael Sonnen and Rashad Evans are arrogant guys. We can tell the difference. It’s clearly apparent.

Jones is stuck in purgatory. He’s somewhere in the middle. I don’t like humble swag.