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MMA Knockout Of The Week: Rampage Jackson Brutalized By Knees

When Quinton Jackson met Wanderlei Silva at Pride 28 it was a battle of two titans of the sport. Silva defeated Jackson in devastating fashion 6:28 seconds into the first round.

This was the golden era of Pride, when its fighters rivaled those in the UFC.

I miss Pride, not its draconian rules that were inherently dangerous but the competition and the purity of the sport that existed their.

Though most former Pride greats haven’t had the same career trajectories in the UFC, they were still great. Silva was fun to watch. Anyone who can garner the nickname “The ax murderer” and deserve the moniker is alright in my book.

This fight was worth the price of admission.

It showcased Silva’s dominance at the time.

He finished Jackson the same way. He brutalized Jackson with deadly knees to the face in the clinch. Jackson’s body was then dropped and he fell between the ropes.

Jackson finally got his revenge when the two met again at UFC 92. Silva still owns the all-time edge 2-1.

The best part about the Silva-Jackson feud are Jackson’s quotes regarding the matter.

“When I beat Wanderlei I’m a take his belt pull his pants down and spank him for being so ugly.”

“My thoughts are…I hope Wanderlei wins and wins fast, cuz I gotta go take a crap,” while attending a Pride contest where Silva was fighting.