UFC Lightweight Contenders Present An Opportunity To Settle Next Number One Contender In The Octagon

The UFC set a new precedent at UFC on Fox 4 in terms of competitiveness for the next title shot.

UFC head honcho, Dana White, placed three title contenders on one card and allowed the dust to settle where it may.

White decided that whoever won their fight most-impressively would receive a title shot at the winner of Dan Henderson vs. Jon Jones at UFC 151.

Lyoto Machida ultimately earned the next title match by dominating Ryan Bader and knocking him out in the second round with a straight right. But Mauricio Rua had the opportunity to earn a title shot as well.

It enticed a competition that got fans excited about viewing the matches.

In sports, there’s something to be said about settling disputes within the confines of that respective sport.

In most sports, a playoff system settles the champion. In that way most sports is a meritocracy. You have little doubt as to who deserves to be the champion.

It takes the guessing game out of life.

The media loves this because this makes the story easier to write. Fans enjoy the scenario because a true champion is cannonized.

So why not do it again?

It brings the UFC in accordance with the way that other sports are decided, and we like that as fans.

The lightweight division gives White another chance to put that kind of excitement into the Octagon. There are several UFC lightweight contenders.

It was announced that Joe Lauzon will face Gray Maynard. Lauzon is close to a title shot, but Maynard is closer. In my opinion, Maynard, Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone are all in a three way tie as contenders. All three could be given the next shot at a title.

It is widely expected that Cerrone and Pettis will fight.

Why not place Maynard vs. Lauzon and  Cerrone vs. Pettis on the same card?

Why not make the stakes a title shot? The most impressive winner gets the shot at the winner of  Ben Henderson vs. Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox 5.

I think we have a bright idea here.

This will bring out the best in all four fighters. It will bring about the most exciting  fight because the stakes are high.

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