Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre Is A Real Possibility

If you don’t believe in the power of prayer, as a UFC fan, I would like to offer some tangible proof.

A super-fight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva seems much more inherent now than a few years ago. Dana White said both fighters are interested.

“That’s the fight they both want,” White said

This would be the biggest fight in UFC history. For years, GSP versus Silva was the biggest debate in the sport.

Since a fight was not likely at first, the pound-for-pound debate became the closest fans would get to an Octagon battle.

The Silva camp argued that the ‘Spider’ was undefeated and did it in spectacular fashion. Silva finishes most of his opponents in dominant fashion. His striking is imposing. Silva taunts opponents in the ring by leaving his hands down. It’s a show of disrespect matched only by Nick Diaz’s two finger salute.

Those who believe in GSP thought his wrestling and consistency would determine a win. St. Pierre does whatever it takes to win. He improves his game every fight. St. Pierre adds a new way to garner a victory by challenging himself in training. St. Pierre is a great submission artist, his wrestling is impressive and he’s a great boxer who utilizes the jab.

I like Silva in the fight, but for sure, it’s his greatest test. Dana White offered his thoughts.

“Chael (Sonnen) and all these other good wrestlers are able to get [Silva] down to the ground,” White said Tuesday in a MetroPCS fan chat. “Georges St-Pierre will definitely take him down.”

“Usually in the second round when [Silva] comes out, he makes sure he doesn’t get taken down again,” White said. “He usually lights guys up in the second round.”

I agree with White.

I think to defeat Silva you have to take him down with the intentions of finishing the fight.

You can’t lay on top of him for five rounds. You will make a mistake and he will capitalize.

St. Pierre has finishing power. He showed it early in his career and has expressed a desire to return to finishing fights.

He and Jon Jones are the only fighters who have a legitimate shot to come out on top against Silva.

I don’t care what weight the battle will take place at, I just want to see it.

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