Alistair Overeem should face Mark Hunt in UFC return match

Mark J. Rebilas- US PRESSWIRE

Former Strikeforce, Dream and K-1 champ Alistair Overeem will looking to make his return to the octagon as soon as he able to attain his license from the Nevada Athletic State Commission (NASC) in December.

Although he won’t be getting the shot at UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos as the champion is scheduled to defend his title in a rematch against former champ Cain Velasquez in December, Overeem is willing to face anyone the UFC puts in front of him.

One possible match for Overeem could be a rematch with heavyweight standout Mark Hunt.

Like Overeem, Hunt is a K-1 World Grand Prix champion and a veteran of Pride.  They previously faced each other in 2008 at Dream 5 where Overeem won by a keylock submission, one minute into the first round.

Although Overeem’s victory over the ‘Super Samoan’ was quick, Hunt’s has won three of his last four fights, two of those by way of knock out.

Overeem was originally scheduled to face Dos Santos for the heavyweight title at UFC 146. He denied a license by the NASC after failing a pre-fight drug test back in April 2012.

After testing positive for elevated testosterone levels of 14:1, the commission voted to deny Overeem’s application for a license for nine months.

Hunt was also scheduled to fight at UFC 146 against Stefan Struve, however he pulled out due to injury.

Prior to the injury, Hunt was the subject of the ‘Rally for Mark Hunt’ Twitter campaign that was created by fans who wanted to see Hunt face Dos Santos after Overeem was pulled from the event

The rematch between Hunt and Overeem could be scheduled around January or February as Overeem should have his license while Hunt should be healed of his injury.

With both fighters strikers being of the K-1 caliber, this would make for an exciting stand-up war that could end with a first round knock out. Overeem could also try for another submission, which would allow Hunt to showcase his improved ground game.

Overeem is well known, not only to the UFC fans but die hard MMA fans from all over the world while Hunt’s popularity has been on the rise since his debut in the octagon.

The winner of this rematch would be more than worthy for a shot at the UFC heavyweight championship.


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