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UFC Rumors: Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva could be a 180 pound catch weight bout

The possibility of UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva facing UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in a superfight continues to grow as UFC president Dana White spoke about how and where the match would take place.

While making an appearance on Fuel TV’s “UFC Tonight,” White said the the fight between Silva and St. Pierre would be at a catch eight of 180 pounds.

“I think we’re pretty close. If Georges St-Pierre beats [Carlos] Condit], that could be the next fight. These guys want to fight each other now. If you’re a fighter and you’ve dominated as long as Anderson has, and you’ve been great as long as Georges has, you finally want to say, ‘I want to test myself. I think I can beat this guy.’”

White also added that Dallas’ Texas Stadium would be a possible venue for this match to happen.

St-Pierre is expected to meet Condit in a unification welterweight title match at UFC 154 in November. With Silva not expected to fight until 2013, this fight could take place as early as spring, depending if and how quick St-Pierre beats Condit and how healthy he is after the fight.

Fans and critics have been wanting to see a match between Silva, who is the No. 1 ranked fighter in the world and St-Pierre, who was considered the number two guy until his recent absence from the octagon due to injury.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that St-Pierre has earned his right face Silva, being that he was looked at as No. 2 for such a long time. White also said that there were no contenders for Silva’s title.

It’s a clash of styles. Silva’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu and striking vs. St-Pierre’s wrestling and conditioning could make for an interesting match up.

However, Silva and St-Pierre couldn’t necessarily carry this card alone. If UFC 151 has taught us something is that a weak undercard can’t save a pay per view alone. Maybe Fox will agree to broadcast the fight.

It’s only a matter of time when the UFC officially announces Silva  and St-Pierre.

For now the fans can wish that St-Pierre beats Condit and unify the welterweight titles.