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MMA Fighter Focus: Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres

Contributed by Tecia Torres

Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres is a MMA fighter and multiple time amateur MMA and kickboxing champion. She will be making her professional debut against Kaiyana Rain at Invicta FC 3 on Oct. 6.

With an undefeated record of 7-0 in her amateur MMA career, Torres has years of experience in karate, muay thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Torres took some time out of her schedule to answer some questions about her upcoming fight, as well as her history with martial arts.


You’re making your pro MMA debut at Invicta FC 3. You’ve racked up seven wins in your amateur career and have an extensive background in karate and muay thai. What first drew you to martial arts?

Discipline. My mother took me to my first Karate class in 1995, under the instruction of Fred Davis. I practiced there for 12 years. I was mentally and physically drawn to the sport. Martial Arts helped shape and define the person I am today.


After accumulating quite a record in muay thai, what made you decide to make the jump to MMA?

I learned about MMA when I began BJJ in Dec. 2008. It was the era of the “Gina Carano” craze. I fell in love with watching the sport and once I received my blue belt, I decided to try it.


How would you describe your amateur career from your first fight to your most recent one?

My first two fights ended quick with a submission and TKO. Since then my last five MMA wins have come via unanimous decision. I believe this can be contributed to the skill level of each new fighter I fought increased plus with each fight more of my “game” is exposed.


This will be your 10th overall fight (five MMA and four kickboxing/muay thai) in 2012. What is it about your training and work ethic that helps you go from one fight right into the next one?

I love the thrill of competition and the energy the crowd brings. As long as I am healthy and free from injury, I compete. Plus in between I stay even more active with BJJ tournaments.

At the professional level I will not be as active of a fighter. I want to make all the right moves to excel up the ladder of top fighters.


How did you end up getting to fight for Invicta FC? How does it feel knowing you’ll be fighting on the same card that will be featuring several experienced women fighters?

Lucky for me, my skills spoke for themselves. Invicta contacted me back in July, but I just couldn’t say anything until a formal offer or opponent was given to me.

I feel so honored to be fighting on the same card as women I’ve been looking up to for the past four years. To have my Pro Debut on such an EPIC and widely recognized show is a dream come true!


What is your initial strategy for your match against Kaiyana Rain?

I feel that Kaiyana and I are very evenly matched. We have similar muscular athletic builds and fighting styles. From what I’ve seen of her, we both are counter-strikers, which will be interesting. Also we both can easily transition from standing to a ground game.

I know she will be my toughest opponent to date. My strategy will be to play to my strengths. I believe I am the quicker fighter, so get in and out as usual.

I also have overall more fight experience, so I will use that knowledge to my advantage. It will be a back and forth battle, for sure!


Who would you say has been the most influential in your career?

My karate instructor Fred Davis, that’s where I learned all my basics and foundation from. He was more than a mentor, he was a father figure to me, and for that I thank him very much.


What is like where you’re from? What do your family and friends think about you fighting?

My friends and family are very supportive of my MMA journey and career. My mom and dad want to see me make it to the top. They love watching all my fights, blogs, and interviews. I’m the “little celebrity” in the family.

Also in South Florida there is a big MMA community and the people enjoy it.


How did you end up getting the nickname “Tiny Tornado?”

I asked around and a friend came up with it. It was the best one. It fits because I am 5’1 and I’m quick, plus I like to throw spin kicks and hands.


You talked about eventually becoming a top 10 fighter. How far do you want to go in MMA? Who are some fighters you would like to face in the future?

I would like to go as far as I can. I just turned 23 so I have time to grow within the sport. I’m realistic. I don’t see MMA paying my all my bills, but I do see me making a name for myself.

Eventually I’d like to do some cross promotion with sport/fitness modeling or even television. In the future I would like to face the talented top 10 in my weight division.


What else would you like readers to know about you?

Before anything I value my faith, family, friends, and education.

I would like to also thank my team American Top Team and my sponsors: Tussle Fight Gear, Awakening Female Fighters, Babes of MMA, Thick as Theives Fight Co., Apocalyspe MMA and Slept Fightwear.


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