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MMA Fight of the Week: Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida at TUF: United States vs. United Kingdom Finale


On a night where warriors from the United Kingdom would be crowned “The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom” winners, three fighters would end up stealing the show, but there was one that would be known as one of the most intense fights of the all-time.

Diego Sanchez, winner of the first Ultimate Fighter took on former Strikeforce Lightweight champion Clay Guida. Both men marched into the octagon and could not wait to get a piece of each other.

The moment the referee started the fight, Sanchez charged in and traded lightning quick shots with Guida. Sanchez utilized uppercuts and high knees to keep Guida up against the cage. Guida however managed to take Sanchez down and keep on top of Sanchez.

As both men are bloodied, Sanchez dropped Guida with a head kick, only for Guida to get back up. Sanchez remains in control for the rest of the round.

The second round begins with Guida getting the takedown and remaining on top for most of the round. Sanchez tried to mount some offense by delivering some elbows to Guida’s head, but Guida stayed on him as the blood flows down from Sanchez’s face.

The third round began with both fighters bloodstained and battered. Both fighters keep it standing.

Sanchez and Guida exchange strikes, with Guida tagging Sanchez with an overhand left. As the clock winds down, the crowd cheers for Guida.

As Guida shoots for a takedown, Sanchez gets Guida’s back, but slips and allows Guida to get back on top. Sanchez tries to work a kimura while Guida keeps his arm straight. In the final seconds, Sanchez for an armbar while Guida gets a couple of finals shots in.

After a bloody war between these two, Sanchez would end up winning by split-decision.


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