UFC 152 Fight Preview: Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann

By Caleb McAllister
Mike DiNovo – US Presswire

The UFC 152 matchup between Michael Bisping and Brian Stann has the potential to surpass both the main and the co-main events in terms of excitement and fan interest simply due to the promotion of this fight as a classic “hero vs. heel” bout. Bisping has never been a fan favorite due to his typical trash talking and badmouthing of both opponents and opponent’s fans. The venom being directed toward the British fighter during the leadup to this fight, however, has reached an all-time high since he will be fighting the decorated Marine Brian “All-American” Stann – his polar opposite in terms of personality. As always, of course, Bisping seems to care more about being the center of attention than about whether that attention is favorable or unfavorable.

Bisping has always been known for his crisp, technical kickboxing, but since his UFC debut he has developed his overall skill set to become a polished submission grappler and a formidable offensive and defensive wrestler as well. However, he has shown vulnerability in the past in his chin. Power punchers like Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva were both able to drop him. That is sure to be a gameplan Stann will try to follow as well. Although his footwork and combinations are not as technical as Bisping’s, he is a far more powerful puncher.

This matchup could go to either man. Most likely, Bisping’s advantages in terms of technique and well-roundedness will earn him the victory if the bout goes to the scorecards. Stann will be forced to chase Bisping around the ring, hoping to land a bomb before he runs out of time. Bisping will pepper him with quick shots and circle out of danger for three rounds. However, although the odds are not in his favor, Stann only needs a split-second opportunity to land a single punch to turn the entire fight around.

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