MMA Fight of the Week: Damacio Page vs. Demetrious Johnson

By Al Stover

As Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson gets ready to make history when he faces Joseph Benavidez to determine the first UFC Flyweight champion at UFC 152, it wasn’t too long ago when he was a bantamweight fighting in the WEC.

Johnson was coming off of a win over Nick Ring when he found himself matched with Damacio “The Angel of Death” Page at WEC 52. As the two men walked to the center of the cage, The Angel of Death’s tattoos and ice cold stare seemed to intimidate his opponent, who kept his eyes to the canvas.

In the first round, Page threw a high knee before Johnson took him to the canvas to take top control. Page was able to get free and threw Johnson to the canvas before getting side control for most of the round.

At 1:30 left in round one, Mighty Mouse gets on top. After both men get to their feet, Page slams him once more.

In round two, both men begin an back of forth exchange of kicks. After some time on the ground, Johnson hits him with a low blow. Page recovers and the two fighters are once again on the canvas.

Johnson almost gains control on the canvas, but Page is able to stand back up until Mighty Mouse once again takes him down.

The third round is where Johnson shined. Mighty Mouse was able to take complete control after knocking Page down with a kick and a couple of jabs. He continued to maintain control while staying calm.

Mighty Mouse continues to dominate until he throws a guillotine, forcing The Angel of Death to tap.


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