UFC fighter's predictions on UFC 152: Jones vs Belfort

By Dave Hilts

UFC 152: Jones vs Belfort is only one day away; and, in preparation for the UFC‘s first event since August 11, Rant Sports‘ featured MMA writer, Dave Hilts, set out to get the takes of various professional fighters regarding the pay-per-view’s main event. Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort.  The predictions directly given to Rant Sports are as follows: 

Charlie Brenneman (UFC Welterweight): “I’m picking the underdog only because this has been such a crazy month, why not make it even crazier?!”

Tom Watson (UFC Middleweight): “Jon Jones by second round TKO.”

Daron Cruickshank (Ultimate Figher Cast Member): “Jones will win. Belfort is tough and always has been but Jones is a new breed of fighter.”

Tim Means (UFC Lightweight): “Jones wouldn’t accept a fight against Chael Sonnen because he said it could take his career anywhere; but, he accepts a fight with Vitor?  I just don’t understand that! Jones by second round TKO.”

Aaron Simpson (UFC Welterweight): “Jon Jones – he has too many weapons for Belfort at this point.”

Andy Ogle (Ultimate Fighter Cast Member): “I would love it if Belfort pulled the upset but he isn’t going to.  Jon Jones is going to be the UFC champion for a very long time and people are not going to like it but he is a great, skilled, man and a genetic talent at that weight – which makes him ever so deadly.”

Evan Dunham (UFC Lightweight): “Vitor Belfort.”

Al Stover (Rant MMA Writer): “With the entire UFC 151 backlash that has happened in the last month, Jones going to have a lot to prove and Belfort is going to be unfortunate recipient of that. Belfort was fast back in his prime, but Jones is elusive and he will catch Belfort. As much as I want Belfort to win the belt (no ill will towards Jones) my brain is telling me to go with the champion. Belfort will get in a couple of good shots and they will hurt, but Jones will once again conquer in the end and Dana White will be singing his praises; Jones via third round KO (ALTERNATE TAKE).”

Brad Pickett (UFC Bantamweight): “Jon Jones by TKO.”

Jeremy Green (Rant MMA Writer): “Both of these fighters have very fast striking abilities, and also are competent on the ground. Jon Jones comes into this fight with more tools, however, compared to Belfort and he is also younger. This will work in Jon Jones’ favor, and he will put on a display of dynamic attacks and will use his unorthodox wrestling to get this fight to the ground. From there, he will would his vicious ground and pound and utilize his dangerous elbows; Jon Jones wins via TKO in round one.”

Michelle Waterson (Invicta FC Atomweight):  “Jones, of course! That’s my teammate!

Chris McAllister (Rant MMA Writer):Lyoto Machida’s ability to tag Jon Jones on multiple occasions during their fight bodes well for Vitor Belfort’s fans. Belfort’s hand speed and punching power mean give him a very real chance to win by knockout. Of course, this depends on him being able to land these punches as successfully as Machida – without being submitted as Machida was. However, Jones’ tremendous reach and formidable Greco-Roman clinch make him a threat both inside and outside. Watch for him to look for an early takedown, control the top position and secure a TKO victory via elbow strikes (EXTENDED PREVIEW).”

Corey Gaesser (Contest Winner): “Jon Jones is the most athletic fighter in the UFC.  With that said, I would say that Belfort is definitely in the top five for athleticism within the UFC.  This will be an exciting fight and Belfort will put up a good fight.  Jones’ wrestling will prove to be too much though, as Belfort will tire in the later rounds.  I’ve got Jones by KO in the fourth.”

And, of course:

Roy Nelson (UFC Heavyweight): “The better fighter.”

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