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UFC 152 Results: Cub Swanson KO’s Charles Oliveira

Cub Swanson UFC

Joe Camporeale-US Presswire

Cub Swanson took on Charles Oliveira tonight for UFC 152, and he delivered in spectacular fashion when he KO’d Charles Oliveira in the first round.  That makes it three in a row for Cub Swanson.   Coming into this fight, Cub had the power advantage standing up and he showed it when he landed and vicious overhand right to the temple of Charles Oliveira.  He is building some momentum in the featherweight division, and couple more wins could put hiim right back in the title hunt, which is currently being reigned by Jose Aldo.

It looked like Oliveira had Cub in trouble when he secured a take down, but Cub would get back to his feet.  From there, it was only a matter of time that Cub would land a good shot to the liver and then follow it up with the fight ending punch, which sent Oliveira to the canvas.  Congrats to Cub Swanson.