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UFC 152 Results: Michael Bisping Wins Unanimous Decision Over Brian Stann

Michael Bisping UFC

Mike DiNovo- US Presswire

Brian Stann took the center of the ring early in UFC 152.  Stann looked to clinch, but Michael Bisping reversed on him and landed a good knee.   Bisping pressed Stann against the cage again and they separated.  Both landed some good exchanges in the ring.  Bisping then looked for the take down.

Stann defended it though and Bisping landed a good knee on the way out.  Stann would land a good kick of his own.  Brian landed a vicious right after Bisping tried a take down.  Most significant punch of the fight so far  was from Brian Stann.  It was a close round, but I would have given it 10-9 Brian Stann.

Round 2 started out with Stann taking the center of the octagon.  Bisping would try to take Stann down again and he gets it into side control.  Stann would reverse the position, however, and land some good shots of his own on top of Bisping.  Apparently Bisping landed a thumb to the eye, which forced Stann to curl up and lose the position.

Bisping would the work the clinch again.  Bisping would land some nice jabs in this round.  Bisping would secure another take down and would gain side control.  He would lock up a kimura at the end of the round, but to no avail.  10-9 Bisping.

Both would exchange leg kicks in the third round.  Bisping would land some crisp jabs and then secure another take down, but Stann would get right back up and land a nice right hand.  Bisping would control the center of the octagon in this round.  Bisping would try to secure another take down, but Stann defended well.   Bisping just seemed to be the better striker and landed more during the exchanges.

Bisping would clinch against the cage with Stann near the end of the fight and then they separated.  Stann tried to land a combination, but nothing landed.  Bisping would secure another take down, which is a testament to Bisping’s cardio.

Stann tries to end with a flurry.  10-9 Bisping.

Great fight from both fighters and it was a close one that saw Bisping utilize his wrestling and cardio to win the decision.