Exclusive Q&A with UFC featherweight Andy Ogle

By Dave Hilts


This upcoming Saturday, Andy Ogle will make his UFC debut at UFC on Fuel TV: Struve vs. Miocic.  The event will be held in his home country of England – Nottingham, specifically.


A cast member from The Ultimate Fighter: Live, Ogle was originally set to make his debut June 1, but was unable to fight to due a medical suspension given in his eliminating Ultimate Fighter bout. Ogle lost to Al Iaquinta via TKO in the semi-finals after upsetting Mike Rio in the quarters.


Ogle has amassed a record of 8-1 (with 3 submissions and 2 knockouts). He will be fighting fellow UFC newcomer – and past Ultimate Figher contestant, Akira Corassani. Corassani also lost in the semi-finals (of Team Bisping vs. Team Miller), and is 9-3 (with one no-contest) overall.


Recently, Andy Ogle took the time to talk to Rant Sports’ Dave Hilts regarding the Ultimate Fighter, and his bout with Akira Corassani.


Dave Hilts: How did it initially feel to be selected for the Ultimate Fighter?


Andy Ogle: I was confused, because I didn’t know what the format was. I knew it was live, and, I had heard that the first show was going to be live, so I didn’t exactly know how they were going to get so many fights in unless it was several hours long. When we were told by Dana it was one round, it blew me away. All the hard work we had put in was coming down to one round.


Dave Hilts: How devastating was you loss to Al Iaquinta?


Andy Ogle: I went on the show to win it obviously, so the loss to Al wasn’t the greatest. I am a fighter and I fight to win, and he beat me, and took me out of the chance to be the Ultimate Fighter Winner – of course I was gutted.


Hilts: How excited are to you be, finally, able to fight on September 29?


Ogle: I shall be fighting for my contract come the 29th September. This fight means a lot to me and will also mean a lot to Akira because our futures are riding on it; but, I am very excited for it and I can’t wait.


Hilts: How much does it mean to you to be making your UFC debut in your home country?


Ogle: When the cage door closes, it could be anywhere; but, before hand and walking into the cage I imagine it’s going to be something else. I can’t wait to see what it is like.


Hilts: What are your thoughts on Akira Corassani?


Ogle: He’s a tough opponent but also am I. I hope he brings his A-game because I certainly will be. Let’s give the people what they want to see.


Hilts: What do you believe is your biggest concern in fighting Akria?


Ogle: That he has the potential to take away a dream of mine. Up until now it was all a step closer to the UFC, and now, I have my foot in the door. I don’t want the door to close with me on the wrong side of it.


Hilts: What is your greatest advantage against him?


Ogle: My heart and determination is my largest advantage on him. He can’t want this more than me. It’s impossible. I know when the going gets tough, ill keep on going.


Hilts: What have you taken away from your, only loss, to Bobby McVittie?


Ogle: Every fight improves your game and I learned a lot from my loss; but, I have learned a lot every fight and developed in time. The Bobby fight was a very long time ago, and I am a completely different fighter now.


Hilts: How did you get into mixed martial arts?


Ogle: MMA found me. I was doing kickboxing and judo as a form of self defense and a friend invited me to a MMA gym, and i fell in love with it.


Hilts: Who are your role models?


Ogle: I don’t have role models in this sport because I want them to see me as their peers. I do, however, have role models outside of MMA, and that is Lance Armstrong. That dude is a hero, and literally is determination personified.


Hilts: If you weren’t fighting, what would you be doing?


Ogle: I would be cycling, doing the iron-man or triathlons.


Hilts: How do you see your fight Sep 29 playing out?


Ogle: With my hand raised.


Be sure to follow Andy Ogle on Twitter, and tune in to his fight September 29 on Fuel TV.


Dave Hilts


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