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Strikeforce to Financially Compensate Fighters from Cancelled 9/29 Event

Kyle Terada – US Presswire

Strikeforce will be financially compensating the fighters who were scheduled to appear on its Melendez vs. Healy event this weekend. The show was cancelled after Gilbert Melendez, one of the headliners, was injured during training and was forced to withdraw from the show. Since Showtime, Strikeforce’s TV partner, did not want to air the show without its headline bout, the promotion had no choice but to cancel.

The full details regarding the financial arrangements Zuffa (Strikeforce’s parent company) has made for the fighters who would have competed on the show have not been released. It is thought, however, that they received their full “Show” pay, without the “Win” bonus the victor typically receives.

Glenn Robinson, who managed two fighters schedule to compete on the Melendez vs. Healy show, told MMAweekly,

“I can’t state exact amounts, but the two Blackzilians on the card, Jorge Santiago and Yuri Villefort, are very pleased with how Zuffa looked after them in the wake of the Strikeforce event cancellation.”

The cancellation of the Melendez vs. Healy show brings back fresh memories of the UFC 151 cancellation a few weeks ago. UFC 151 was cancelled when Dan Henderson became injured during training for his title fight with Jon Jones. Jones refused to fight proposed replacement Chael Sonnen on eight day notice, leading to widespread criticism and controversy as different fans blamed Jones, Henderson or UFC president Dana White for the debacle. The Melendez vs. Healy cancellation, while disappointing, has not caused the same level of controversy.