UFC Quick Quote-Dana White: ‘I would bring Brock back’

Brock Lesnar UFC

Mark J. Rebilas-US Presswire

Dana White is always open to big fights.  He wants fights that sell and fights MMA fans want to see.  One of the biggest pay per view sellers for some time now in the UFC has been Brock Lesnar.  Ever since he retired, the UFC pay per view numbers have dwindled, which is predicated on the number of UFC cards that they put on each year.

The number of cards have rapidly increased and it seems like the UFC has hit a plateau effect.  If there is any man that could re-surge MMA for the UFC it is Brock Lesnar, and apparently Dana White is open to the idea of bringing him back.

Here is Dana White via Cageside Seats: “His deal with us was done and that was it. Sure, I would bring Brock back. If Brock wanted to fight in the UFC, I would do it.”

If Brock Lesnar did manage to come back, it would be interesting to see how he would fair against the elite in the heavyweight division.  Lesnar hasn’t competed inside the octagon since taking on Allistair Overeem last year, which ended in dramatic fashion for Lesnar.  In the fight, Lesnar didn’t show any competency in the stand up game, which allowed Overeem to pick him apart and get the TKO finish in the first round.

One has to wonder what Lesnar would have been like inside the cage if he hadn’t suffered through two horrific intestinal diseases.  He is a freak athlete that has the capabilities to out-muscle any fighter who squares off against him inside the cage.  His natural wrestling abilities gave him a great base, but he never really got a chance to develop his striking abilities due to his sickness.

If Lesnar wants to remain relevant in MMA, he will definitely need to shore up some of those striking deficiencies.  Guys like Travis Browne, Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos, and Stipe Miocic would all probably find success against Lesnar, who would be in the twilight of his career.

Maybe Dana White would bring him back for marquee fights that would sell on pay per view.  Regardless of the reason, having Brock Lesnar competing inside the UFC would benefit the UFC and company.  Lesnar’s charisma inside and outside the cage would create buzz that the UFC could use right now, and perhaps Lesnar could put a run together in order to get back in the mix in the UFC heavyweight division.