Stephan Bonnar Naming His First Son – Griffin?

Mark J. Rebilas – US Presswire

Light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar and his wife Andrea will be welcoming their first child, a boy, into the world in the next few weeks. Like most first-time parents, the two have thought carefully about potential names for their new son. Unlike most first-time fathers, however, Bonnar can draw on a unique history as a UFC fighter while thinking of names.

Bonnar’s bout with Forest Griffin on the finale of the first season of the Ultimate Fighter TV show was by far his most significant bout. The two fighters’ incredible three-round war on Spike TV attracted a tremendous number of new fans to the sport of mixed martial arts, launched the UFC toward mainstream popularity and secured both Bonnar and Griffin’s places in MMA history. Perhaps it is perfectly understandable, than, that the list of potential names for the new Bonnar baby includes “Griffin.”

According to Yahoo Sports, Mrs. Bonnar said, “It started as a joke, but it kind of grew on us, to name him Griffin. Then he’d be Griffin Bonnar. It would be such a cute name and it would kind of create a tie to his dad.” That is not to say, however, that the Bonnars have definitely settled on naming their son Griffin. The couple say they plan to wait until they actually meet the baby face to face before making any final decisions.

Bonnar currently holds a 15-7 MMA record. He is in training for the toughest matchup of his career – a bout with the seemingly unstoppable middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. That fight will take place at UFC 153 on October 13.