Dana White’s One Regret as UFC President: Use of Anti-Gay Slur

By Caleb McAllister
Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

You will not hear UFC president Dana White apologizing or expressing regret very often. White is known for his ruthless business tactics, his profanity-laden tirades and his inflexible opinions on just about everything. Say what you will about his personality, this is the man the UFC needed to help it reach mainstream popularity.  Nonetheless, White recently said he does have one regret about his actions so far as president of the UFC.

In 2009, a journalist named Loreena Hunt wrote an article that was at least partially critical of certain business decisions made by the UFC – and, by extension, by White. White took the criticism personally, and posted a video blog in response that – along with his usual colorful language – included an anti-gay slur. The video led to a significant outcry, and White, to his credit, quickly apologized for using the term.

That situation, according to an interview White performed yesterday on Fuel TV, is his only regret as UFC president. He stated,

“You guys have to understand this, but this is the way I am. I have no regrets. The only thing that I regret is in that video blog when I used the F word. That’s the only thing throughout the 12 years of running the UFC. The way I came off in that thing, people still think I’m some kind of homophobe, and I’m not. That still bothers me.”

White has publicly expressed support for homosexual athletes in the past, saying that anyone who compete in the UFC are more than welcome to publicly express their orientation.

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