Fight of the Week: Shayna Baszler vs. Alexis Davis

By Al Stover
Tracy Lee-Invicta FC

“Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler is going to have a chance to shine once again in the Invicta FC cage as she faces Sarah D’Alelio at Invicta FC 3.

While the fight is just days away, the Queen of Spades has made a career of facing some of the top names in women’s MMA like Cristane “Cyborg” Santos, Julie Kedzie and Sarah Kaufman.

In March 2010, Baszler would face a challenge as she took on Canadian sensation Alexis Davis at Freestyle Cage Fighting 40 in Shawnee, Okla, in the Freestyle Cage Fighting Women’s Bantamweight Grand Prix tournament.

Davis was a late replacement for Jennifer Tate, who had withdrawn from the grand prix after she announced she was pregnant with her second child.

Both fighters are known for impressive training camps, Baszler training with former UFC champion Josh Barnett and Davis who trains with Cesar Gracie.

Baszler and Davis also came into the match up with came with impressive victories under their belts.

Baszler had defeated Megumi Yabushita with in the first-round submission via twister, the second submission victory by twister in her career. Davis had beat Molly Helsel to win the Raging Wolf Women’s Flyweight championship.

In the first round, Davis came out swinging before Baszler was able to get her on the ground. Although Baszler was able to control Davis for most of the fight, Davis was able to reverse and gain top position after reversing a failed guillotine from the Queen of Spades.

After Davis tried to get a front choke, Baszler escaped and began delivering blows to the face and hip. Baszler ended the round by attempting a heel hook, only for Davis to resist. Both fighters traded a couple of shots before the end of the round.

The second round began differently as Davis fired a few shots and was able to prevent Baszler from taking her to the mat. Davis was able to get Baszler to her back while attempting an armbar. As Baszler’s corner shouted “to get up,” Davis went for a rear naked choke, but the Queen of Spades was able to keep Davis’s hands from successfully securing the hold.

In the opening seconds of the third round, Davis and Baszler traded shots before the Queen of Spades brought the fight back to the mat. Just like in the first round, Baszler was able to take control. She went for a kimura while delivering some shots to the side.

Baszler gets control of Davis’s back, throwing strikes in an attempt to force Davis to loosen her defense.

The control in the first and third rounds was enough to give the Queen of Spades victory and move on to the next round of the grand prix.

Baszler would go on to defeat Adrienna Jekins to win the grand prix.

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