UFC on FX 5 Results: Antonio Silva TKOs Travis Browne

By Jeremy Green
Antonio Silva UFC
Roy Chenoy-US Presswire

Antonio Silva shocked many tonight when he TKO’d Travis Browne in the first round.  Browne was throwing some flashy kicks and punches, which may only have been to his detriment because he would twist injure his left hamstring after trying to land a dynamic strike to no avail.  From that point on, Browne’s movement was hindered because his left hamstring was injured, which didn’t bode well for him against the heavy handed Antonio Silva.

Silva would then close the distance and throw a vicious overhand right while Browne was against the cage that caught him, sending him to the canvas and semi-unconscious.  Silva followed it up with some great punches on top and the ref was forced to step in.  Silva showed patience in his stand up game, which proved to advantageous for him in this bout.  Conversely, Travis Browne fought a different fight than we normally are use to seeing from him.

His hands were down for all most the majority of the round, and he seemed to be just flailing kicks and punches out there with no regard to Silva’s power.  This is a great win for Silva because many thought Browne’s speed and footwork would be enough to defeat Silva.

Antonio is now 1-1 in the UFC, and this win is one of his biggest to date.  Up next for him may be a fight with Stefan Struve, who fought last week and won against Stipe Miocic.  This fight would be great because both fighters are coming off impressive wins, which should make their meeting all the more entertaining.  The time table also matches up well for both fighters, which will allow them to fight again sometime in December.

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