UFC on FX 5: Winners and Losers

By Jeremy Green
Antonio Silva UFC
Bruce Kluckhohn – US Presswire

UFC on FX 5 kicked off last night in Minneapolis, Minnesota and delivered an action packed card from top to bottom.  Let’s now take a look and see who the winners and losers were in what was an exciting night of fights.


The biggest winner of the night was heavyweight Antonio Silva.  He had a lot of pressure coming into this fight with Travis Browne.  He was 0-2 in his last fights that both ended in dramatic fashion.  He had to come out and make a statement against Browne if he wanted to remain relevant and employed with the UFC.  He certainly proved to everyone that he is an elite heavyweight when he TKO’d Browne in the first round.

This knockout might have been predicated on a left hamstring injury suffered by Browne, but it was still a superb overhand right that hurt Browne, sending him to the canvas.  Silva got his first win inside the UFC against a highly-hyped fighter in Browne.

The next biggest winner of the night was Mike Pierce.  Man, can this guy take a punch or what.  Aaron Simpson was dominating him for the majority of the first round, almost finishing the fight.  Pierce would rally back, however, and landed a great short right just as Simpson was coming in with his own big punch.

The punch landed for Pierce and it was all over from there.  Pierce showed his durability and one-punch power, both of which should help him become a top contender in the welterweight division.  Pierce has been in some tough fights in the past, and it seemed like he was always on the wrong side of close decisions.   He won’t have to worry about this, however, if he can keep ending fights like he did last night.


Jeremy Stephens is the biggest loser of the night.  He was expected to face Yves Edwards last night for a lightweight contest.  Instead, Stephens was arrested for a warrant that was issued in the state of Iowa for a battery charge.  He wasn’t able to make bail, which is unfortunate because his fight with Yves was certain to be a barn burner.

Apparently, Dana White was played with because Iowa never got a deal done to post Stephen’s bail.  Instead, Stephens will be facing charges that may have him in hot water once he travels back to Iowa.  White did give Edwards his show money, which is considerate to say the least.

Another loser of the night was Jay Hieron.  Hieron made his first appearance last night in the UFC since 2005, but was unable to beat Jake Ellenberger in a fight that he needed to win.  Hieron hung in there with a tough veteran, but he was unable to thwart the take downs of Ellenberger, which cost him the fight.

Hopefully the UFC will give him another shot because he tried to make it competitive with one of the best in the UFC welterweight division.  Maybe a matchup with Justin Edwards or Mike Swick would be most appropriate for Hieron in his next fight.

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