More Bizarre Behavior from Jason “Mayhem” Miller during Radio Interview (Video)

By Caleb McAllister
Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

Former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller was scheduled to appear on The MMA Hour radio program this week. While he did technically appear, the show certainly did not go as expected. Miller seemed to be trying to maintain his “Lucky Patrick” persona, a small character he plays in Kevin James’ Here Comes the Boom movie. After roughly fifteen minutes of host Ariel Helwani attempting to quietly guide Miller back to some semblance of sanity, Miller began throwing things, climbed on the desk and then stormed out of the studio.

This is simply the latest in a series of bizarre public episodes from Miller. Most recently, he was arrested for vandalizing a church in the nude. Before that, he sent a series of odd public messages to UFC president Dana White on Twitter, including a request that White kill himself. Miller was released from the UFC after underwhelming performances in both of his recent fights, the first against Michael Bisping and the second against C.B. Dolloway.

After the incident, Helwani said on the show, “I thought he was going to come and use that platform to discuss what was going on over the past couple months. I didn’t think he’d come all the way from California to do that. And that’s unfortunate because I think this could have been a good platform for him.”

Miller had begun to achieve significant popularity as the host of Bully Beatdown on MTV. Although he is obviously suffering from severe mental issues at this point, his many fans hope to see him get the help he clearly needs.

The full video of the incident is embedded below:

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