Forrest Griffin Advises Stephan Bonnar on Gameplan for Anderson Silva (Video)

By Caleb McAllister
Mark J. Rebilas – US Presswire

The UFC released an extremely entertaining video today that featured Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar sitting down together to enjoy a cup of coffee and discuss Bonnar’s bout at UFC 153 this Saturday against middleweight world champion Anderson Silva. Griffin, who lost to Silva via highlight-reel knockout at UFC 101 in August 2009, provided a unique perspective as he advised Bonnar on his gameplan for fighting Silva.

Most of the video features Griffin checking off a list of ideas that past opponents have found do not work when fighting Silva, including trying to punch him, trying to kick him, trying to submit him, talking trash and being polite. The video ends with a bemused Bonnar calling Chael Sonnen to ask for his advice on a Silva gameplan, promising to trade him for advice on fighting Griffin – while Griffin still sits across the table from him. Griffin and Sonnen are scheduled to fight on the UFC’s Dec. 29 card when Sonnen moves up to the light heavyweight division.

Bonnar is currently a roughly 7-to-1 underdog against Silva. His record in mixed martial arts competition stands at 15-7 with a three-fight win streak, while Silva’s stands at 32-4 with a 16-fight win streak. However, Bonnar has never been knocked out in any of his losses; in fact, his only loss that was not based on the judges’ scorecards was a doctor stoppage due to cuts in his first fight against Krzysztof Soszynski – a loss that he promptly avenged in their rematch. His size, strength and durability – not to mention the complete lack of pressure on him against such a heavy favorite – has left some fans wondering if this bout might not lead to one of the biggest upsets in MMA history.

The full video is embedded below:

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