UFC 153 Winners And Losers

By Jeremy Green
Anderson Silva UFC
Mark J. Rebilas-US Presswire

UFC 153 successfully kicked off last night and displayed some incredible fights for the Brazilian crowd.  Fans saw Anderson Silva do what he does best and that was dominant.  Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira also redeemed himself by submitting Dave Herman, which ignited the people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Let’s now take a look and see who the winners and losers were of the event.


The biggest winner of the night has to be Anderson Silva.  Silva came into this fight as the heavy favorite, and he showed exactly why people rank him the number one fighter in the world.  Sure this was out of his natural weight class, but he absolutely dominated Stephan Bonnar and made it look relatively easy.

He finished Bonnar in the first round, which was predicated on a vicious knee that sent Bonnar to the canvas.  Not only did he save this card from being scrapped, but he gave the Brazilian crowd something to cherish, along with Nogueira winning as well when he faced Dave Herman.  Up next for Silva is unknown, but it was a true treat to watch him compete last night.

Jon Fitch is another big winner of the night.  He was coming into his fight with Erick Silva with his back against the wall.  He was the slight underdog, he didn’t compete inside the octagon for over 6 months, and he was coming off a devastating KO loss to Johny Hendricks.  Apparently Fitch didn’t get the memo because he absolutely destroyed Erick Silva.  He showed dominant grappling control and submission defense, and he puts himself right back up there with the best in the welterweight division.

Demian Maia is another huge winner of the night.  He absolutely destroyed Rick Story on the ground and earned himself a terrific submission finish.  His drop to welterweight seems to be paying off in dividends because he is now 2-0 at welterweight and doesn’t seem to be at a disadvantage in terms of strength.  A potential fight with Jon Fitch seems like the most appropriate fight for him next, which could be an absolutely barn burner.


It is hard to pick a winner from last night is hard because the card was so great.  There were submissions, tko’s, and some great grappling on full display.  The refs could be a big loser of the night.  Time and time again they stood fighters up even it was apparent that they were being active on the ground.

Brazil is the mecca of jiu jitsu, so it wasn’t like the crowd didn’t know what was going on when the fight hit the ground.  Mario Yamasaki and his brother definitely need to do a better job at letting the fighters work more on the ground; namely his brother Fernando Yamaski needs to be reprimanded for his actions last night.

Another loser of the night was Stephan Bonnar.  Sure, he was the heavy underdog in the fight and rightfully so.  Bonnar has never reached the upper ranks in his light heavyweight division, and he was taking on one of the best mixed martial artists to ever compete inside the ring.  Still, Bonnar was hoping for a better result than what actually happened.

He did good for the first 4 minutes of the round, but ultimately slipped and succumbed to a brutal knee from Silva.  Where he goes from here is unclear, but Bonnar was hoping to pull of the upset of the century.  Instead, he is now maybe one fight away from retirement.  Give him Forrest Griffin for his last fight because the trilogy could be somewhat competitive.       

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