Ben Henderson Not Apologizing for Anderson Silva Comments

By Caleb McAllister
Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

UFC lightweight champion Ben Henderson unintentionally stirred up something of a controversy when he stated that he wanted to break Anderson Silva’s current record of 10 consecutive title defenses. He recently clarified his thinking behind that statement, but he did not offer an apology for the statement itself.

During an MMAWeekly radio interview yesterday, Henderson stated:

“I think it’s good to have goals. For some reason I caught a lot of slack when I said I wanted to break Anderson Silva’s record and people were saying, ‘Oh, you’re ridiculous for thinking that. You can’t beat Anderson Silva’s record. You haven’t defended your belt one time. You’re silly. What are you talking like that for?’ It’s like wow guys, you guys are really mad at me for having long term goals?…I want to be the best ever and one of my goals is to break Anderson’s record for title defenses. I’m sorry, I apologize if I offended you somehow, but I do have long term goals, I like to set my goals high and then go out and get them done.”

Henderson is a former WEC lightweight champ. His record currently stands at 17-2, and with a five-fight winning streak, he has yet to lose in the UFC. He won the UFC lightweight belt at UFC 144 from Frankie Edgar in February 2012, then defeated Edgar again in their rematch at UFC 150 six months later. He is scheduled to defend his belt against the dangerous and well-rounded Nate Diaz at the UFC on Fox 5 show on Dec. 8, an event that is already nearly sold out.

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