Exclusive: Roy Nelson talks TUF, potential fight with Dana White

By Dave Hilts


With an eccentric sense of humor and self, Roy Nelson has made a name for himself outside the Octagon with his over-the-top antics and statements.  Often branded as an individual lacking intelligence, Nelson has left fans of the sport speechless on countless occasions.  Inside the Octagon, however, Nelson has made a name for himself as one tough customer with a solid chin (was able to fight off Junior dos Santos and force a decision, despite losing) and a surprisingly solid ground game. 

Up next for Nelson, alongside his coaching gig on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, is a bout with, former contender, Shane Carwin (the only other heavyweight dos Santos could not finish inside the UFC).  Nelson took the time to answer a few questions from Rant Sports’ Dave Hilts regarding the television show and his upcoming fight:  

Dave Hilts:  What was you initial reaction when asked to coach on The Ultimate Fighter?

Roy Nelson:  My initial reaction was, “Me, really?  I have a beard and long hair…”

Dave Hilts:  What are your thoughts on fighting Shane Carwin?

Roy Nelson:  I have never met a man that hates me so much – but, yet, hates me in a polite way.

Hilts:  Do you believe you are a better coach than him?

Nelson:  Yes, just because I coach.

Hilts:  Which win of your career was the most gratifying?

Nelson:  I haven’t had it yet.

Hilts:  Do you pride yourself on never being submitted in a MMA event?

Nelson:  Never really thought about it before.

Hitls:  Which loss was the most devastating, and what have you learned from it?

Nelson:  Junior Dos Santos. What I have learned is that you need to make sure you are 100% percent before you go into these big fights, like the recent trend of fighters lately.

Hilts:  What do you believe is your biggest advantage in fighting Shane?

Nelson:  I have long hair.

Hilts:  What is your biggest concern?

Nelson:  My wife having our first child around the time I am in camp.

Hilts:  Are you worried that he has never been ko’ed, or is that something that drives you to be the man who finally does?

Nelson:  No

Hilts:  What type of Shane Carwin are you expecting after a year layoff and the troubles he has gone through?

Nelson:  The best Shane Carwin ever.

Hilts:  How far away do you think you are from a title shot?

Nelson:  It all depends on what you say and what you do.

Hilts:  Who do you want to fight next?

Nelson:  Dana White or Shane Carwin or both at the same time.

Hilts:  Finally, how do you see your fight with Shane playing out?

Nelson:  Somebody winning.


– Dave Hilts



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