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Anthony Pettis Hospitalized for Staph Infection

Rafael Suanes – US Presswire

UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis has been plagued by injuries of late, and his luck shows no sign of turning when it comes to his health issues. Pettis was admitted to a hospital near Milwaukee yesterday due to a staph infection in his elbow.

According to report from Pettis’s manager to MMAWeekly, the infection is believed to have been caught before it became seriously harmful, and Pettis is expected to be able to return to training fairly soon. Nonetheless, staph can be an extremely serious health condition if it is not treated quickly. Combat athletes like MMA fighters and wrestlers tend to be particularly vulnerable to the condition. Those who come down with serious cases of the disease can require major surgery and long recovery periods, although that is not expected to be necessary in Pettis’s case. In extremely serious cases, staph infections can actually be life-threatening.

Injuries have prevented Pettis from competing since his knockout victory over Joe Lauzon at UFC 144. The former WEC lightweight champion is expected to compete next against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at a UFC event sometime in January, although the specific show has not yet been designated. The fight between Pettis and Cerrone has already been delayed multiple times, primarily due to Pettis’s injuries. A shoulder injury that required surgery was the most serious such issue, especially since Pettis reportedly re-aggravated the injury after the surgery. In spite of those past issues and the new staph infection, however, the Pettis-Cerrone bout is still expected to take place at the beginning of the year.