Lyoto Machida Believes He Can Beat Jon Jones

By Jeremy Green
Lyoto Machida UFC
Gary A. Vasquez-US Presswire

Lyoto Machida is a confident fighter.  He believes he has what it takes to beat any MMA fighter when the opportunity presents itself.  He has one of the most unique karate styles in all of the UFC, and his power and speed makes him a dangerous opponent for any light heavyweight.

Apparently Machida still believes he has what it takes to dethrone current UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.  In an interview with Inside MMA, Ed Soares talked about a potential rematch between Lyoto and Jones.

“In his heart, he believes he can beat Jon Jones. So, if he’s gonna go and fight Jon Jones, he’s not gonna leave any regrets. If he went in there and lost a second time and had to re-invent himself, and, in his heart, he believed he could beat him, I think that’s gonna be a thorn in his side for the rest of his life. Those were the decisions. It may just another event for the UFC, but for Lyoto, it wasn’t just another fight…it was the fight of his life.”

Machida is a fighter that prides himself on excellence.  It is the karate way that his family and father have taught him.  The loss to Jones was only his third loss in his entire career, but he rebounded quite nicely off the Jones loss when he took on Ryan Bader.  In their fight, Machida showed patience and then struck with a beautiful straight right, sending Bader to the canvas.

It was a sterling performance from Machida and one that certainly could warrant a title shot.  For now, Jones has his hands full with Chael Sonnen, but Machida will get his second chance eventual if he keeps fighting with the skill and precision that he has shown lately.  The loss to Jones could show him where he needs work, which will help him out tremendously in a second fight.

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