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Ronda Rousey To Become First Female Fighter In UFC

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Ronda Rousey is probably one of the best female MMA fighters on the planet. She has dominated the competition everywhere she has gone and now she gets to make her mark in some new territory. It appears that Rousey will become the first female fighter in UFC history.

There is no specific timetable on this but it appears that it could happen within a year or so.  That would be huge news for the company and even bigger news for female fighters everywhere.  The glass ceiling would finally be taken off to some degree and it could open the doors for a lot of fighters.

I would certainly tune into watch this.  I am not a big fan of ultimate fighting but something like this is huge news, no matter what way you slice it.  Rousey can certainly bring it to any fight and it would be great to see more people recognize her for her skills.  It might take some time to get a solid division going but Rousey sounds like a perfect place to start.

I bet that some people would find it odd that the UFC would be looking to female fighters, but it does not come as a shock to me.  Dana White is one smart dude and he must think that this situation can help increase the brand power and expose the sport to a new audience.  Trust me, there will be females that watch because Rousey is in the company.

Congrats to Rousey and I hope to see her fight soon.